Monday, April 2, 2007

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Here I am again. I’m still with busy mood now. Still have lot’s of assignment and presentation. Today is my third week I was here. Here with lot’s of assignment, but for all of this I should ask myself why I am here. Hehe
Today early in the morning I have go to class inovasi dan teknologi dalam pendidikan. Today Prof Raja Maznah give my class a lecture about IWB. She teach us how to make IWB an interesting lesson. It’s to make my future student attract with my lesson. The IWB is the most misunderstood and abused resource since the OHP. There are few very good exponents of the group-dynamic that can be generated with the IWB and unfortunately the mathematicians, scientists and technologists in schools are not generally the best performers of this craft. In too many secondary schools the emphasis is still very much on technologists hiding behind their equipment and lecturing their students. After have a lecture with Prof Raja Maznah, me and my class back to lab 3. in lab 3 Miss Ching continue the lecture with topic model rekabentuk pengajaran, PSMI, and Carta Alir. After give us a lecture, Miss Ching give us an instruction to do 1 slide presentation. The slide is about anything, with use our creativity. Here I have attach my group slide for today. Hope you all will enjoy with my group slide show. I’m really enjoy with my class today. Its only have 2 weeks for me to attend this class because after 2 weeks I have a final exam. Hehe..and then I will start with new sem. Times really past around. Next week I have a trip to PD with all DPLI students. This programs organized by Co-Curriculum subject. Go to PD with lot’s of assignment. Hehe.

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hmmmmmmm..........bagus gak cikgu ni.. tahniah