Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hi..wassup wassup..(mila tagline lak)hehe..nyway..we meet again 4 my new chapter in my life. I’m really2 bz wif my work n my new responsibilities. Huhu..really not had enough time to write down n update my lovely n simplest blog..but 1 day I’ve realized sumthing that I really want to is write my own blog..then..i memorized my memory box that I already had my own blog..this is my blog where I’m start write since 2007..dats time I’m still as a student in UM..DPLI student baa..then I’m start writing now..hehe..
Firstly I juz want to say dat, blog is such a good components 4 us, if we really know how 2 use dis..for me..i’m write dis blog bcuz..maybe one fine day who know my blog will become 1 of my sweet sharing story..who know 1 day my next generation will read my blog n then they will know my life history..waargh..Eventough this blog completed wif broken grammar..hehe..i dun long as u understand what I want to say okai.. J
Now in September 2008..still in fasting month..huhu..i juz can’t believe it’s almost 1 year I’ve become a teacher n also its almost 1 year I’m in Sabah. can’t imagine how I can stay n arrive here. I never think dats I will come to this beautifull state..wif beautiful mountain scenery..beautiful island n also beautiful people gaks..sabah people putih2 Korean people..hehe..nyway maybe dats my fate 2 give my service here..only ALLAH knows why..alhamdullilah..time is so short rite..only 3 month later we will faced a new age also increased la..but when u calculate by month my age still 24 in 2009..i’m sagitarius gurl..but if u calculate by year my age become 25..huhu..sounds like ‘dh tua’ mum always said, “klu org zmn2 dlu umur ko ni dh beranak 4 dh”..huhu..i know mum pun give birth 2 me when she’s 26 years its not weird to me..umm..its not I dun want to married..but I’m still not meet my ‘Mr Right’ yet..some frenz says I’m really choosy n so ‘jual mahal’ mum also says the same..huhu..i’m not ‘jual mahal’ baa..but 4 me..married is the big responsibilities dats we must share wif our we must can get along wif our partner..we married 4 our lifetime..not for 1 or 2 the most important things is understandings n respect each other..rite..?? its not a fault if I want 2 choose som1 who really can understand n I’m comfortable with him..not ‘jual mahal’..if I’m ‘jual mahal’ I think I will never be frenz 2 any guy..esp my new frenz in fs site..haha..
Ok juz stop dis story..we continue to what I’m doing now..emm..actually I had PPSMI Seminar in my school..dis seminar take 3 days long..huhu..for 3 days I must wake up early in the morning n drive 2 my school..everyday we finished dis seminar at 5 p.m..FIY..i taught in evening it’s a lil bit hard 4 me 2 go 2 school early muning..hehe..but 4 my student I will sacrificed..waargh..sounds good..hehe..for dis 3 days I’m really rush driving back to my home..huhu..yer break our fast at 6 after perform asar prayer I’m rushed 2 cook 4 my breaking fast. I cook juz a simple2 menu..if rajin I make fish curry..but times so I juz cook the simple dish sweet sour n weight pon looks like a lil bit decreased..hehe..yer la everyday eat rice wif soup..only in weekend I’m cooked sumthing special then eat wif my ousmate..
Hari raya juz around the corner..dis week I’ll be back to my hometown..waargh.. I miss my mums cook..can’t wait anymore..hehe..

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