Monday, March 26, 2007


Hi everybody…
This my second time I have write in this blog. Nothing to say, but I must say something..hehe…this is my second week I was here. Here with lots of assignments which make my head spinning around.. :)
But I have to do all of that,because this is what I havechoose. In Inovasi class today, I have an presentation about printer drivers. My group presentation topic is how to install printer drivers and how to download the sotware. Last minutes me and my group member do this slide for this presentation. But we all try to present with the best that we can. Thanks to all my group member. Thanks for your co-operate even we have to do lots of assignments. After all group in my class present their slide, Miss Ching continue the lecture with new information for me and my class. Today Miss Ching give us an information about PPSMI that is “Program Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris”,about Pengurusan Makmal Komputer, Pembestarian Sekolah and lastly about School Net. I’m really attract with this lecture. New information I have learned today. Everything that I never heard before, so as a future teacher I must know everything about this. Miss ching leave this class withnew assignment again. Hehe :) “Practice make Perfect” …~ aja aja Fighting!!~this my picture with chery samad and my friend nell..we take this picture while on our journey go to library..hehe don't know what she does here.. :)..i'm look short la..

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