Monday, March 12, 2007


Today is my first day in class Teknologi dan Inovasi dalam Pendidikan. I have learn lots of things today. At 9 a.m this class started. First of all, I have been introduced with new lecturer En. Shahril, Prof Raja Maznah and Miss Ching as a Tutor. Prof. Raja Maznah have give my class the lecture about Thinking of Future ICT Scenarios, PoEIT and IWB. This lecture stories about ICT scenarios in 21st century, where how me as a teacher in 21st century have to teach the 21st century student. I;m also have learn new pedagogy, Pedagogy of Engagement Integrating Technology (PoEIT). After this lecture Miss Ching as Tutor, have give my class an information about how to sign up in Yahoo Group and she give my class information that I can get a note or assignment information from Yahoo Group. In Yahoo Group I have to fill in my personal detail, also at blogspot. In blogspot, Miss Ching inform my class that we need to write weekly report on the blogspot. At the end of this class Miss Ching have give first assignment to my class. The assignment is about how to install printer drive. I leave this class at 1 p.m with new knowledge, information and also with my first assignment for this class.


hafizanbukitabal said...

salam... 1st time saya kat sini.. saja.. nak tanya, rasa best tak jadi cikgu? hehehe

azura ismail said...

of course amat best..cuz..since zmn sek ag sy nk jd cikgu..ki3