Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy father's day

happy father's day to all fathers in this world n of course, especially for my beloved ayah.En. Ismail bin Hj Awg Hamat.selamat hari bapa..i love u so much..i'm so lucky to have u as my father in dis world..your place can't be replace by anyone..thank you for everythings sayang ayah saya sangat2..!!

~me and my father..(ada iras x??)..hehe..ank ayh ni~

Dear Daddy

I sat in my room looking back
laughing and crying at those old photographs
from the times and days we spent together
How I'll be your little girl forever.

Those time you bounce me on your knee
Or when I'd ask for you to read this story to me?
Teaching me and helping me
To become the person i should be.

You make me smile and you make me laugh
You've been there for me through now and the past.
You have helped me with homework
And you told me to cut it out when i was being a jerk.

And our daily fights
And a kiss good night
Our giant hugs
Showing each other our love

I would be so lost without you
I'd be confuse and not know what to do
I wouldn't have learn the things that i have
But, since i have you that makes me so glad

Daddy, i love you and I'll be your little girl forever
Don't think I'll stop because i wont ever!!
For your my daddy
And I'm your little girl.

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